Monday, August 8, 2011

2000, Oct 14, Red Deer doll show

This was one of the last show I did. As the big girls invaded my life more & more, I started sewing for them. My friends from the Gene club asked me to do some outfit for their ladies, I was in this period working at the university and didn't have to much time in my hands to create as much OoaK as I used to.  I did 2 other ultimate doll shows in Calgary, after this one in Red Deer. (but I do not have any pictures)
I still had quite a lot of dressed Barbie to fulfill my engagement and basically sold them all, while attending those 3 last shows.

Through those twenty something pages you have the opportunity to see all the OoaK  I designed, created and sold during the first year of my passion for Barbie doll. As bigger doll entered the market and reached my heart, I started sewing for them instead but I still love dearly Barbie. she was very inspiring and a faithful companion who introduce me to this new wold of Doll Collectors.

Time period: Calgary Ab. 1999-2007

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