Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2000-Oct 01, Edmonton doll show

Once more I was being in Edmonton doll show.

During this time Hubby and I  visited  West Edmonton Mall (WEM), we knew the place indeed pretty well, WEM  was the world's largest mall (until 2004) it's huge with over 800 stores and services. So each time we went to the "Capital" it was a must to go back to the WEM. This day wandering around the 570,000 mwe entered a doll collector shop and, I missed a heart beat!

  I was in front of a gorgeous young fashion doll, dressed in simple black skirt and crisp clean white shirt. her name? Tyler, Tyler Wentworth. fashion designer, created by Robert Tonner.

She was and still is as today my favorite doll and my muse. I could not wait to have her.

But still I was in Edmonton for the show.
  the show was going well

the sales went well

the coffee was usual...warm

back home I was happy for the day, but I came back with Tyler in my mind

Time period: Calgary Ab. 1999-2007

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