Wednesday, August 17, 2011

2006-April 29 the Vinyl goddess

 On April  2006 my friend Anne and I went to check on what was new in town.we received a nice invitation to attend the Vinyl Goddess. the poster was draw by our friend Glenn Mielke and indeed we went.

 and we discovered the we were "famous"!!

Glenn, built a big poster composed of pictures Anne & I took during our play days.
During those fun days we created all kind of stories with our gang,  I will tell you about them, very soon, in another blog. I was very surprise to see this. It was very well done and give our friends a good ideas of the fun we had with Anne during those days.
The show and sale room displayed plenty for all taste, and we all had a very good time. If I remember correctly this is were I discovered the Re-Ment miniatures, I was fascinated.
  Lilly (Tyler, R.Tonner) already became my favorite doll and my muse. she was very happy to be present at this event and  was accompanied by her friend Mei-li (Tonner).

Tonner and Effenbee dolls accompagned Lilly and Mei-Li in their tour.

Lilly surrounded by super heroes from divers famous covers

Bratz, Barbie and Pocahontas were presented as well with other dolls of all sizes

We had the opportunity to see very nice dioramas as well

We all had a very good time.

Time period: Calgary Ab. 1999-2007.

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