Monday, August 8, 2011

2000, Oct 23, Gene Haloween party

We had at this time, regular meeting with Gene Marshall, Tyler Wentworth and other 16" fashion doll and we had lot of fun.  I had during this lovely time the opportunity to meet my best friend ever, Anne with whom the game begins!

On this day of October we joined all together at one of the member's house. Our friend bake a very appropriate cake to celebrate Halloween together.

We had plenty of gifts

A costume contest was organized

I do not remember today who won but I recall a lot of laughter

Our dolls were nicely displayed.
At this time they were not very numerous as we were just starting to know and own them.

As I was sewing, several of my friends asked me to make some costumes for their ladies,
those 2 "cat women" were some of them

Here they are, ready for the competition

I made  this fire-bird #7, as well as this leather kitty #8

My two entries, Gene Marshall in sorceress #3 and Elle in bird of paradise #4

The evening was full of surprises and joy we rediscovered the pleasure to play on a "sombre Halloween night"

Time period: Calgary Ab. 1999-2007

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