Thursday, August 11, 2011

2000-2004- My friend garde-robe : the day dresses

While living in Canada, I met  my best friend Anne, through the 15"dolls gathering/meeting.
she was (and still is)quite passionate about fashion dolls, she is mainly responsible, I should admit, for introducing me to the "Big girls".
I was, from our first meeting, fascinated by Gene Marshal (M. Odom) then later by Tyler Wentworth (R.Tonner) and Anne encouraged me to have at least one of them. Today some 10 years later I have more than 30 of those and keep counting (this is "My Gang")
I bought some of them in second hand (from Anne mostly) she offered me my first Brenda Starr (Effanbee) for my birthday (she became my Gang first character under the name Petunia Greenwood who is freelance journalist)

As Anne's collection of Gene dolls amplified, she asked me to make some outfits for her ladies.
She told me what she had in mind, and we roughly sketched her ideas. I remember  how we went through the big patterns catalog, I got from the fabric store (you know, those "after season" huge books we go through to choose our patterns)
She wanted me to use fabrics from dresses she had,  that just reminded her of found memories, or because she still loved, after all the years, the nice patterns that scaled well with a doll this size, and she bought brand new fabric from the store as well.

The outfits are presented here by Gene Marshal (Mel Odom) both the brunet and the blond are Simply Gene

After all those years in my photos album, I thought it would be nice to share this with you.

Here are the day dresses

Time period: Calgary Ab. 1999-2007.

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