Monday, September 5, 2011

2006-September 21 The Barbie convention visit

The name was "Glamorous", and it was the new Barbie convention held in Calgary. As some of my friends were going, I accompanied them, but I did not registered and was just visiting.
le nom  "Glamorous", c etait le nom de  la  nouvelle Barbie Convention présentée à Calgary. Comme certains de mes amis allaient, je les ai accompagnés, mais je n'étais pas enregistrée c estait une simple visite.

As I didn't look at the program /schedule before,I was a stunned, and wonderfully surprised to discover that my idol (since I was browsing the web for dolls) was present at this convention.
Bruce Nygren was here,  bones, flesh and smile in front of me! I just couldn't believe my own eyes!! Since quite a long time I discovered and loved his work, the intricate beads and sequins,  trade mark of his dolls, always inspired me. I am not too much on being a crazy groupie around celebrities, but this day I could not resist to ask this charming, gentle man to pose with me.
Comme je n'avais pas regardé le programme avant, j'étais un  merveilleusement surprise de découvrir que mon idole (depuis que je navigue le web pour les poupées) était présent à cette convention.

Bruce Nygren était ici, en chair et en os  et en sourireen face de moi! Je ne pouvais pas en croire mes yeux! Depuis assez longtemps j avais découvert et aimé son travail.  Les broderies
complexes de perles et paillettes , sont sa marque de fabrique . il m a toujours inspiré. Je ne suis pas trop d'être une folle groupie autour de célébrités, mais ce jour je n'ai pas pu résister à demander ce charmant monsieur de poser avec moi we are Bruce Nygren and I behind the most beautiful dolls you can imagine
Et nous voici.. Bruce Nygren et moi posant deriere les plus jolies poupees que vous puissiez immaginer.

I could not find any website  but I found a link from a very interesting article in the "view Neighborhood newspaper"
and you can still find Bruce Nygren and Peter Nickel 's dolls on e-Bay, and dolls site like Stella's treasures ( )
Je ne peux pas trouver son site WEB mais j'ai trouvé un lien d'article très intéressant dans le journal "view Neighborhood newspaper"

et vous pouvez toujours trouver les poupée de Bruce Nygren et Peter Nickel 's sur e-Bay, et les sites de poupées  comme Stella's treasures (

we had of course opportunities to buy Barbies ,Genes and other dolls 
a la convention nous avions bien sur l opportunité d acheter des Barbies, Genes  et autres

collection were numerous and gave us the up close look, that we all love 
Les collections etaient nombreuses, et nous on donner l occasion de voir de tres pres toutes celle dont nous rêvions.

Of course we could, as visitor, have a look of the contests results of the convention
Evidement comme visiteurs , nous avions aussi l occasion d'approcher le resultat des concours de la convention
I was very pleased with this beautiful visit
ce fut une tres agreable visite

Time period: Calgary Ab. 1999-2007.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

2006-April 29 the Vinyl goddess

 On April  2006 my friend Anne and I went to check on what was new in town.we received a nice invitation to attend the Vinyl Goddess. the poster was draw by our friend Glenn Mielke and indeed we went.

 and we discovered the we were "famous"!!

Glenn, built a big poster composed of pictures Anne & I took during our play days.
During those fun days we created all kind of stories with our gang,  I will tell you about them, very soon, in another blog. I was very surprise to see this. It was very well done and give our friends a good ideas of the fun we had with Anne during those days.
The show and sale room displayed plenty for all taste, and we all had a very good time. If I remember correctly this is were I discovered the Re-Ment miniatures, I was fascinated.
  Lilly (Tyler, R.Tonner) already became my favorite doll and my muse. she was very happy to be present at this event and  was accompanied by her friend Mei-li (Tonner).

Tonner and Effenbee dolls accompagned Lilly and Mei-Li in their tour.

Lilly surrounded by super heroes from divers famous covers

Bratz, Barbie and Pocahontas were presented as well with other dolls of all sizes

We had the opportunity to see very nice dioramas as well

We all had a very good time.

Time period: Calgary Ab. 1999-2007.

2005-May 24, New Orleans museum

I accompanied Hubby to a conference in New Orleans. Since I was not too interested in the topic, I decided to visit the city all by myself. Passing in front of the Squires House,  I discovered it hold gown and of course I was  interested. unfortunately the place was close, but The lady present was very gracious. She told me that she had work to do but I was welcome to enter if I didn't mind visiting on my own. Can you believe? the place only for me!! as if I could mind :)

Squires House, here I am!

it was really an exquisite visit I wanted to share it with you
looking to Google map I am  gladly surprise to see that the house it is still standing after the Katrina's disaster in August 2005 (3 months after my visit)

Time period: Calgary Ab. 1999-2007.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

2000-2004- My friend garde-robe : the evening dresses

The outfits are presented here by Gene Marshal (Mel Odom) both the brunet and the blond are Simply Gene

Here are the evening dresses

Time period: Calgary Ab. 1999-2007.