Tuesday, August 9, 2011

2000-2004 - the commissions - Wedding dresses

Through my shows some customers or friends asked me to reproduce wedding dresses. This was a challenge I could not refuse.
The dresses were from various periods,  from 1945 till today. Sometimes I had to choose the fabric myself to be close to the scale. But in other circumstances some customers would give me the actual wedding dress for me to re-use the fabric. This way they would have the reproduction as well as the memorabilia.
I was working with pictures or explanations and memories. Sometimes I worked with Barbie as model or with one of a kind dolls specially designed for the wedding reproduction, and I had to create the pattern from scratch.
here are some of them, I hid the faces to keep the privacy of my customers.

 The wedding took place in 1946. 
The lady gave me this picture and the doll, (maybe Mattel? size 11.5")  It is always difficult to take the scissor to a vintage wedding dress, but I used the original fabric to reproduce its mini-copy.

This wedding took place in 1960. I work with several pictures.
Dolls were sculpted by an artist to  look like  the bride and groom.
I uses a a whit organza embellished with lace medallion applique

This young lady got married in 1997 and I did the dress a couple of years later.
She gave me the doll (maybe Mattel? size 11.5")
the picture I received didn't show very well but the dress was made in raw satin and I used the same king I hand saw the beads and created the see through "Richelieu" type embroidery using fabric paint to circle the motif before cutting through.

For this outfit , it was a bit different. the lady still had her wedding dress, but for personal reasons she didn't want a reproduction of it. she bought recently an 18" Pocahontas doll and wanted to dress her.
I draw a rough sketch  of the outfit she wanted me to do, using her wedding dress fabric.
I used this white satin coverts with small flowers (white /white) to do a kind of  tuxedo with a tiny top embroidered with pearls.

This wedding happened in 2003. the Bride 's Sister asked me to reproduce the dress from pictures.
I use a Mattel 11.5 "doll.
To make the dress, I embroidered with lightly colored treads a silk veil over a white satin. I used a colored parm silk veil for the stole.

Time period: Calgary Ab. 1999-2007.

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