Tuesday, July 19, 2011

1999, Apr 25, Spring time in Calgary Ab.

I learn more about the passion of collecting during each show and I had the opportunity to met wonderful people and soon friends, not only customers. It was not difficult to go back in front of my sewing machine to be ready for the next show, at this time of course I stopped since long recycling fabric from old clothes, I used only new fabric from the stores. Silk, satin, cotton, even some vinyl and fine velvet. Of course all the beads and sequins were  hand-sewn. Most of the ribbons and trims came from France as my mother was quite interested at my little craziness.
This day I met for the first time Carol. She was the president of the Barbie Collectors Club of Alberta.and asked me if I could be present at the first mini convention organized by the club the following Sept 10th of the same year. Of course I would!!


Time Period: Edmonton Ab,1995-99

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