Friday, July 15, 2011

1997, Oct, 24-25-26, Craft shows Frenzy

After the first show, it appeared easier. Show's organizers came to my table to inform me of future shows during the year, in and around town.
So I started to prepare myself and when the Canadian craft challenge was held in Edmonton I was ready.
Time period: 1996-99

 It was a 3 days show but, as we were living in the same city, this was not such a big deal.

 I was more organized, and confident. I should say that my improving English helped a lot. I  was sewing quite a bit all year long  to be ready for the craft & dolls show period.

I was totally as ease with my customers, (but a little tiny apprehension that still today never totally disappeared  from my mind) they were for the most very enthusiastic and gentle.
As I was present for the tree days, I saw customer back in my table and buy a second or even third doll. I was very please indeed

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