Friday, July 8, 2011

1989-My first of all

When Hubby and I arrived in Edmonton, Canada, in 1989,  he was student at the University of Alberta. We were living in the student housing and were offered to use the washing machine from a common room. This room had a treasure chest a "clean clothes and toys only bin". All the moving in and out students left in it, clothes, books, toys, and on the outside the shoes and small electronics even bicycles, small furniture, or skies.
I discovered there my first doll. she was a Barbie, I cannot tell you her name, as at this time if I knew who Barbie/Ken were for having bought several of those to my kids,  I had no ideas of  neither their style, name  nor value.
I took the doll home as well as a nice (but ruined) prom dress, and started my all first, totally hand sew, One of a kind Barbie dress.
Each time I was doing a laundry I looked for dolls (they were no Barbies most of the time) and clothes to reuse the fabric.(and bought a 2nd hand sewing machine)
Of course I took pictures! very poor pictures I should say, and as they were manipulated (a lot) those pics didn't take the time very well. Anyway, it's  my blog, and I do consider it my own personal journal shared with good friends (you indeed) I think I will slip my pics between those pages.
Time frame:1989-92

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