Sunday, July 17, 2011

1997- New stores for my ladies

I did several smaller shows around Edmonton. I was still sewing and buying Barbie dolls.
I bought brand news Babies from the basic playing doll series, and as well I bought them in second hand store (Barbie only). I chose dolls that were indeed played with, but still in very good conditions, no stain, no shewing, no broken neck or dismantled arms.Coming home I spent timeless hours cleaning them, shampooing, curling, to give my dolls a new life and with a nice OoaK, hoping to give them a new home.
Time period: 1996-99

I was looking more often at the smile and sweet eyes of the "big girl" in the special doll collector boutique.
Gene Marshal was growing in my heart!

 My ladies at home were more and more numerous on the shelves. I never brought all of them together, they were taking turn at each shows, as the customers were basically always the same passionate. I was glad to meet the collectors whom became friends, and was happy to see them discovering a new doll at my table even if I had met them a couple of weeks before.
When window shopping in Edmonton, I passed in front of a new kind of store (at least new for me)

 Treasure Barrel was a very nice little store that smelled soap and perfumed candles. the monthly fee to rent a booth was affordable and allows me to show my dolls (and bagged outfits ) everyday all year long.

when the store closed I moved on with Crafter's Marketplace, that sold craft & thing under the same principle. I rented a booth and brought my dolls in.

 I made more bagged clothes, as lot of customers were looking for Barbie/Ken casual outfit for kids to play with. It was not as much fun but the booth fee had to be payed right?. I sold here almost all my none Barbie dolls, I still had time and imagination for one of a kind though, and I kept my home shelves ready for the next show. Those shoppes, were convenient, nice and well organized but lack from what I loved most, the contact with my customers. I loved to talk with them, listening to their observations, and often constructive criticism, and above all, I loved learning about new dolls.

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