Tuesday, July 12, 2011

1997, July 12-13, Edmonton " the return"

After 2 years in Quebec City, Hubby's job brought us back to Edmonton Alb. We were thrilled to go back in this lovely city. We knew the place and had friends waiting for us. After I settled down, I started to sew again.  I saw an ad in the news paper for a craft show organized by City ford, encouraged by hubby, I thought ...why not?

I had dolls ready for their "entrance" on the shelves at home

The butterflies were still in the stomach, but I wasn't alone, people were very sweet and the coffee was..hummm hot! :)

Here some of the ladies going for new life.

Life was good, people were smiling, I was surrounded by dolls I loved, I took great pleasure to sew for them, even if I had a little something sad in my heart each time one of them was leaving my table, I knew they were going to be cherished.

Time period: Edmonton,Ab 1996-99

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