Saturday, February 18, 2017

Winter Garden/ Jardin d'hiver

A free space is a lost space in the Gang's world
 The roof of the Grocery was flat, clean ...and empty so time to create a new diorama for the Gang.

Un espace libre est un espace perdu dans le monde du Gang
  Le toit de l'épicerie était plat, propre ... et vide donc il était temps de créer un nouveau diorama pour le Gang.

first test with accessories and greenery

 Betty's approval

Eowyn, is relaxing into the winter garden

it is done, as usual in my gang environment the furniture and accessories will be moved depending of the situation, picture shoot and event, but this will give you a pretty good idea of the place

Voila qui  est fait, comme d'habitude dans l' environnement de mon Gang les meubles et les accessoires seront déplacés en fonction des situations, prise de vue et événement, mais cela vous donnera une assez bonne idée de l'endroit pour le moment

I hope you will like my little corner of peace and love
Welcome in the winter garden

J'espère que vous aimerez mon petit coin de paix et d'amour
Bienvenue dans le jardin d'hiver

Betty original doll: Elle Wood ( Madame Alexander) on Antoinette Body (R.Tonner)
Eowyn original doll: Gene (integrity) Repainted by my friend Tillie on a "deja vu"body (R.Tonner)
the outfit for the dolls are "made in home"


  1. Dom, this is fantastic! I want to find a nice outdoor picture in a calendar or something to use as a photo background. I'd also love to build a doll living room and garden, but I don't have much time. If I finally do it, I'll sure look for inspiration on your blog.



    1. thanks love, I always love to share and play with my doll friends. I am a lucky one to have plenty of time playing with my gang but I do understand that most of my friend do not have that luxury, and this is one of the reason I share so much, it is like we are playing together . dolly cheers my friend