Wednesday, January 18, 2017

January 02 2017 Ialou grand opening

it was the big day. January 02 the new Grocery ialou opened officially. Fabil was very happy to see lot of friends coming to share with him the big event
Some pic of the celebration with the name of the participants always from left to right

C'etait le grand jour le 02 janvier 2017 la toute nouvelle épicerie Ialou ouvrait officiellement ses portes .Fabil était très heureux de voire que beaucoup de ses amis étaient venus partager avec lui ce grand évènement.
quelques photos du grand jour avec le nom des participants toujours de gauche a droite

Davina, Betty, Lilly,Fabio, Valentino, Sean, Petunia (behindFabil)  Fabil (front) Louana (front), Lizbeth, Eowyn, Karolyn (behind Olga) Olga

Davina,  EMME® Basic Blonde, from Robert Tonner Cie.
Betty, Elle Wood, Mme Alexander
Lilly,Tyler Wentworth, Signature Style, Tonner Cie
Fabio,Matt O’Neill, Tee & Pj’s, brunette R. Tonner
Valentino,:  Placo & co., acting figure. soldier 
Sean,Basic Basil St. John, Effanbee , now R.Tonner
PetuniaBrenda Starr, Garden Party, Effanbee, now R. Tonner
Fabil,:  Placo & co., acting figure.fireman 
Louana, Janet (wee friends) 2004 from Mattel 
Lizbeth, Urban vita from Horsman
Eowyn, a Gene doll head (Integrity Toy) repainted by  Tillie, on a “Déjà vu” body (R. Tonner)
KarolynMadame Alexander - Alexandra Fairchild Ford
OlgaJakks “Elle” doll, head on a mme Alexander body

all outfit are "made in home
tous les vetements sont "fait maison"


  1. Well congratulations on your grand opening! This has been quite an undertaking with AWESOME results, Dom! All of the tiny little items that make up this store, really points to your patience and level and attention to detail! Bravo!!!

    1. Thanks April . sharing with you and all my doll friends give me a great pleasure, and I am really happy to see that you appreciate :). It took me quite a long time to make my little stuff, but I had this idea since a long time and I wanted Fabil to present a kind of realistic grocery. the Ethnics treats and food came from hubby idea and I went with it (some time I would love those ideas to be mine hee hee