Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mme butterfly

Our friend Esteban  Hernandez-Moreno, is opera singer (Tenor Lyric). as he needed to practice his role as Lieutenant Pinkerton in Mme Butterfly , he asked his friend Yoko to play the role of Cio cio San, surprised was he, to discover her beautiful voice.

Notre Ami Esteban Hernadez-Moreno, est chanteur d opera (Tenor Lyrique) . ayant besoin de répété le role du Lieutenant Pinkerton dans Mme Butterfly, il a demandé a son amie Yoko de jouer le role de Cio Cio San, quelle ne fut sa surprise d entendre une si jolie voix.
Lieutenant Pinkerton And Cio Cio san.

presented  by : Esteban (Dick Tracy. R.Tonner)  shoes are from Tonner.
 costume home made from a pattern from Design by Jude. 
& Yoko (Mm Alexander) kimono home made.

présenté par esteban(dick Tracy R.Tonner) chaussures from R. Tonner
costume fait maison avec l aide d un patron de Design by jude
& Yoko(Mme Alexander) Kimono fait maison.